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By kamala | Comments: 1 | 2020-04-06

On the 8th of April, 3: 35 ( GMT ) the mysterious Moon will show an exceptional face of her’s, to tell us about the unknown capacity that lives inside all of all.

The New Moon in the Aries, brought us beautiful spring. We can hear the birds singing their songs again, we can feel the sun shining upon our face a bit more each day, we can see the nature awaking. Normally, people also starts to make movements, leaving the winter mood behind, stretching their legs and arms, getting ready for a much more movable period of life. But this year is no ordinary.

Earth’s moon is getting full, and by the law of attractions, it can cause something good or either bad, massively. Full moons generally vibrating on a higher frequency, and could make us extremely sensitive, for example about the change we are facing ahead. Whether it turns out one way or another, it completely depends on us how are we going to embrace this power. Not just these times that we are living today, but this very day of April the 8th, will be remarkable. We are going to experience a so called, Super Moon, in which the phase of the Earth’s full moon occurs at the point of the elliptical moon orbit, means at it’s closest point to the planet (a state called perigee), and appears to become larger, however it will only be more visible to the human eye. It’ll be the brightest in a series of three Super moons that happen this year, and I like to think, that our sister globe does come closer, giving us something to think of, teaching through silence. It is also going to be a Pink Moon, which refers to the flower’s blooming, reminding everyone, of a once respected traditional relationship, between humanity and the environment.

Timing couldn’t be better for this great light to sparkle, because if needed aid, it’s now. The fear that captured mankind, won’t let it go easy, and the alienation that appeared in the Word, arriving at it’s peak. The negative state of mind, is a perfect place for a virus to implant. Either if it’s egoism, fear or an actual germ, a disease can always be cured. It is necessary for each and every one of us, to be able to believe in ourselves, and empower the belief that lives in our heart.

I am inviting all of you, to celebrate this upcoming full moon. Stop wherever you are, take a break of whatever you do, wake up if you are asleep, and make an actual movement with your body, symbolizing an invisible act of your soul, and concentrate on the one thing, the matter the most;

As the moon runs out of it’s form, so do it the evil! Let the healing of the world begin.

You can say it out loud, you can mantra inside, just focus on the New Moon, that will bring a new era, a new cycle, with the chance of a new step in the development of the mind, and the relationship towards each other.

Everything is only temporary, the moment will be gone soon! It is very important to be still together, learn how to use the energy of the nature and this Super moon. It can increase the common spiritual level, and make your own self be a part of a greater picture.

Do this for others, not for yourself!


Written by Karácsonyi Kinga


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