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Collection SS23


Discover a blend of bohemian and conscious fashion, crafted in collaboration with local tribes and artisans globally. Designed to enchant with meticulous details and soft fabrics, these pieces elevate your wardrobe with style and serenity. Ethically made and socially responsible, each item serves as a reminder to stay connected to your inner self amidst life's changes.

Collection Guidance

Ethically made and socially responsible

capsule collection

limited pieces

infinite freedom

When we are in tune with ourselves, we are in tune with the world.

The Guidance Collection is more than just a bohemian and conscious clothing line. Our pieces are crafted by journeying the world and co-created with local tribes and creatives.

We aim to transport you to a magical realm where intricate details and soft fabrics immerse you in a world of wonder.

But our thoughtfully crafted designs are not the only reason to embrace this season’s collection. Our garments and accessories serve a higher purpose – they are here to help you find your piece and stay balanced in today’s world of constant change.

They are not just items to wear; they are a source of inspiration and a reminder to listen to your inner guidance.

Our collection is not only ethically produced but also socially responsible.


Slip into one of our unique and empowering pieces and let their special energy guide you through your day, making you feel confident in your choices.

Embrace your inner guidance and let the SS23 Collection be your reminder to do so



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