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Holding a hand what makes a circle

By kamala | Comments: 1 | 2020-03-20

“Everything the Power of the World does is done in a circle. The sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power whirls. Birds make their nest in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. The sun comes forth and goes down again in a circle. The moon does the same and both are round. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. ”  Black Elk 

Holding a hand what makes a circle

Gatherings have always played a key role in the survival of humanity. Since time immemorial, we were sitting collectively, to discuss the questions of existence, make life changing decisions, or simply to share a meal around the fire. Sometimes, it had a ceremonial purpose, and another just the joy of singing, dancing or storytelling what brought a village together.

These circles were and are forever sacred. When the power of all individual grows into one, it allows us to let the energy flow in between each often, and open up Ourselves for the truth, that lives inside everyone. The healer of the tribe was often guiding, and used these vibrating moments to reach a higher mental level, taught lessons; sometimes practical, sometimes spiritual, and through speaking, heal. This so called medicine man or woman, was exceedingly respected by everybody, as his/her knowledge was probably the deepest and the only one, that could look further a problem, time or creature, than just the present shape of it.

Our ancestors soon understood, that however the two gender contaminates each other, if the feminine or masculine energies are stronger inside someone, it does create differences. So, from time to time, usually by the moon cycles, the ladies got together only by themselves.

It was a space, where they could talk about relationships, fertility, cases of the heart, or even war. Because of course, there was so much more involved to these conversations than just feelings, but seen from a woman’s point of view, and sometimes it was opposing. But instead of pushing down ideas because of jealousy, they were supportive to one another, inspired by, and embraced even odd opinions. With generations gone, man realized how powerful can be the instincts of these mothers, grandmothers, and started to admire the goddesses for their colorful personalities. Saraswati, Aphrodite, Calypso, Magdalena, every religion/culture has it’s own daughter. Unfortunately, history teaches us on several points, that it wasn’t lasting long, and adoration of woman vanished in the fires against Witches. Spiritual practices were forbidden, and anyone who were brave enough to continue, were tortured and murdered.

Woman still found ways to connect, and made up excuses to meet, such like tea parties, knitting and reading clubs, or mom-and-baby groups. During these silent years, the passage into womanhood highlighted in the mind of the youth, created new types of interactions, and most importantly, encouraged them for initiation. Woman were secretly rising.

Now my question is, how did this development adapted to our modern World? Are we, today’s woman, part of this growing, do we have anything to add to it?

I don’t know your answer, but am glad to say, female empowerment does seems like returning. There are hundreds of projects, circles, womb yogas, healing, retreats, journals, even political movements that are taking place within communities all around the globe. What I think is really important, to realize, how this feminine power could be a shift in consciousness, and paint a more vivid future for Us, and the planet.

Feminine energy, is the only one, that is capable of transformation. It can be used for good, and for bad, but however is valued in one, we are all sisters, and the willing to change, can never be given up. For that we need to keep an eye on each other, listen, and be there if necessary. And it always is…

A few weeks ago, I accidentally ended up sitting in a circle like that. It’s been a while since I practiced yoga, but I decided to start over that exact day. Wasn’t matter the rainy weather, the fact that I had my period, I really had to make a move. So, I searched something that could be related to the state I was in, and I found a class for ‘treating woman’. Great, just what I needed! Let me note first, that in the previous months, I felt a bit far from my creative side, and wanted to find a way to merge my man and woman dynamism, into one. As I arrived and noticed the ambient, with candles around, matts in circle shape, chocolate and nuts in the middle on a blanket, with some knitted triangles, I understood, that’s gonna be something new. I was kind of excited, and very curious what’s gonna happen. We started with introducing ourselves, and tell the reason why we came. The first girl said, Hinduism celebrates the union of Shiva, the creator and male energy, and Shakti, the female energy of the universe and creativity. I couldn’t believe it! That is what led me here, an insight voice, the rampant female nature.

What was more surprising, what brought the others here. These woman were uncomfortable with themselves, unsure about how to use their power, if they already realized they do have one; trying to stay quite and modest, set up boundaries to became the desired woman society ask them to be, loosing their sexuality…I was shocked to hear them talk. I grew up surrounded by incredible women, each an everyone of them taught me something on the way, and this is why I am able to reach my inner wildness today. Because all of us have it, but not all of us has the ability to recognize it.

These circles are incredible important to ‘set-modern woman free’ , and become an explorer of yourself. It’s happening, if we are able to inherent the beauty of others, and can see the possibilities of learning something new, through each other. I was curious of the unknown, and moved with the flow of life. All of those women, whom appeared that day, are already made their part. They gave me self-confident, without even knowing what they do, they were just acting how they felt to, and with that, inspired me to write to you, so we all became connected.

2020 will be the year of the Moon, not an easy one for sure, but great changes and innovation can be done, with the right use of the skills of humankind. We women are needed more than ever, to stand up and be a part of the action, to gently raises our voice, and think as one. Start with love ourselves and follow our beliefs, and surely our great and sensible men, will do likewise!


Written by Karácsonyi Kinga



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