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How Climate Change affect Women

By kamala | 2020-10-03

Living in a decade like our’s, could be challenging, as it always has been, especially if you are a female. The beauty we own, does not come without a price, but that is something all women are aware of. The language of sorrow, like a hidden gift, deep below we store, so one day, we’ll be capable to understand, a higher knowledge above.

A different era comes with different questions, hand in hand with the answers to find. Most probably within ourselves…

We people are fragile, build upon a glance of the Sun, or a tear from the clouds; change mood, depending on how the sky moves, or like a tree when it’s blooming, then losing it’s leaves. As all things rely on each other, climate and creation does, too. It is on us, rather if it’s showing a violent face, a selfish behavior, a ruthless spirit, or balanced, like intelligence, and how nature and humans once were born to be. Shift is in the air, and either way we choose, a sensible woman will feel that switch, right in her bones. Literally.

Before we slip by the effects of climate change inside such a being as a woman, take a closer look on the everyday of someone, who lives in the very authentic meaning of life on Earth. In the heart of the Savannah, where the desert roses grow, dry lands separate mother from providing her child the key element of survival; water. These mothers, each upcoming season, have to walk further and further to reach the rivers, while men are going to town, leaving this extraordinary task behind. Powerless they arrive, exchanging the wrong energies with their beloved infant, restless holding them, with the hope of a better tomorrow.

Some places are extremely dangerous for these vulnerable souls to live at,  because brutal group of males are attacking them, taking advantage of the ladies alone. And still, they remain there, for the sake of their cultural habits, with or without a gentle- man on their side. Segregation. This, is where they have been placed. Societal norms have led to limited livelihood and options for these women to depend on their usual sources, that are now, affected by climate change. It’s deeply, not just environmentally, but spiritually disrupt them. But women adapt.

What makes me distracted, is how strong a cultural belief can be. At these rural villages, not just water, but food is also a big issue. In the name of some robust instinct, mothers often give more food to the boys, than their little girls. Obviously, because of that, they can’t grow properly, and in many cases, the bones are unable to develop, or it leads to vector-bone diseases, and one day, without these young females, to the end of their clan; end of mankind. Maybe, subconsciously, it’s all planned? How does that make sense?!

Not just the old Mamma Africa held her daughters tight, the Pacific Gods couldn’t rule over the big wave, and Indonesia and Sri Lanka lost many souls into it. Mostly women. I ask myself why, and learning the answer is one of an eye opening. Tragically simple, they couldn’t swim! Spending time around the house, farming and looking after the children, does not allow a woman to learn such manners. It is a privilege of those, who are fortunate enough to get an education. Living on a tropical island, surrounded by the sea, and never feel it’s kiss on your skin…Can you even imagine that? Not to mention the fact, that them being close to, they were the ones who tried to save their children life, which slowed down the action of escape, from this surrealistic fate.

It doesn’t have to be a so called third world country to face poverty and starvation. With economy came to the fore, single women in big cities are struggling to provide for the family financially, and most importantly, to keep it together. Loosing touch with their own self, forced into a job to stay alive, living hurts. Year by year, the physical and metal health of these women is getting worse, and the number of problematic relationships are  unbelievably high. Economy is one of the biggest disadvantage of today, and if we keep focusing on it’s increase, we could miss the growing of ourselves, of our children, and miss out on the whole life in general.

The enlarged heatwaves, hitting like an alarm, causing illnesses and create conditions. Fossil ( fuel ) related molecules get into the stratosphere, polluting the air what we breath in. The urban cultures are extremely toxic, and they slowly become uninhabitable for us. The most sensitive living thing on earth, a pregnant woman, is affected the most. When she is expecting a new life, all the attention is on the baby, and her senses to the outside world are dulled. Unfortunately, sometimes this is what causes trouble, and because of an infection or the multiplied viruses around, nowadays woman are all endangered to loose their child, and premature births are more frequent to happen, giving the newborn no time to get prepared to life. How the weather warms is how the pressure grows on us, and an inner mother fears it…

Fortunately, some listens! More and more feminine voices can be heard all around the World, fighting against crossing humanities final boundaries.

Climate change is a fact now, the capacity, needs and experiences are various, and the capability and potential is unlimited. The importance of changing ideas, feelings and hypocrisies, is something that could help us in this reconnecting phase. Our planet Earth has never stopped turning, went through rough times before, on this wise, I don’t think we need to be afraid. We need to be awake, conscious about how we live, and what we cause by the industrial mindset. We need to listen to the spirit of our planet, the sound what it makes, believe in what it says, and learn how to breath together.

Yes, women are different, and that’s their advantage. Discover where is this diversity in you, be the mother of anyone who needs guidance; identify your part of the whole; tune into your roots.

Nature has always been here for you, with the ups and downs of present’s personality, kept growing on for us to provide life. She really is our grandmother, mother and sister.

So for me, the real question is, how women, how you affect Climate Change, how do you deal with her, when she is in such great pain…



Written by Karácsonyi Kinga