Meet Kamala


Kamala Kaftan is an exuberant exploration of the possibility of life, seeking to dissolve any dualistic limitations imposed by society and ourselves. We are an empowering feminine design-driven brand that brings consciousness through artisans and inspires consumers to diversify their perception of the fashion industry.

Guided by the explorer within, each Kamala garment is carefully designed with the freedom for one to express themselves as they feel, which, realized by the creators can be an infinite space of inherent beauty and possibilities. Kamala is to be curious of the unknown, to be love itself, and to move through life with grace, elegance and self confidence.


Kamala kaftan was born from the realization of the possibility that comes with the love of life and adventurous travel. The essence behind the garments is inspired by the creative pursuits of an adventurous women, lover of life and creativity.

Inspired by places, nature, symbols, colors people, cultures and everyday different experiences. Gathering ideas for the aesthetic who wishes to embody freedom of movement from within and without.

kamala kaftan creator


Each Kamala garment is consciously designed and ensures to provide transparency to the process in which it is made. Each piece is unique and handmade by artisans from around the world with careful consideration in the sourcing of fabric and design.

Kamala aims to support smaller factories and suppliers in regions of the world where the inspiration for the brand first flowered. A family atmosphere is cultivated amongst all those involved in the processing of each garment.

For Kamala, this is important as it has the capacity for the pieces to carry a sense of unity and strength amongst the global traveler community, allowing the wearer to feel freedom in all facets of love and life.

Our Mission and Commitment

  • TO SUPPORT artisans.
  • TO PROTECT the environment and use natural fabrics and unique recycled silk.
  • TO SUPPLY customers with quality products.
  • TO BRING more sophisticated sensuality to life.

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praying for peace 
In a world filled with hatred and violence, finding peace becomes a poignant quest. The essence lies in our collective yearning for compassion and understanding. It's tempting to want to fly directly into conflict zones and put an end to the chaos. Yet, the path to personal peace involves igniting our inner light. By nurturing empathy and kindness, we contribute to a broader hope that the power to halt the destruction of innocent lives and cultures prevails over the pursuit of oil and dominance. In the face of darkness, let our inner light be a beacon for change and peace…
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