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Festival Travel Bags


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Product Details
This unisex tote bag is handwoven from sustainable hemp, featuring a unique tribal-inspired oval round shape design with sturdy zip closures. Perfect for carrying all your essentials, while adding an eco-conscious and artisanal touch to any outfit.

~ Inside Pocket
~ Zip-closure
~ Unisex
~ Durable
~ Inspired by tribes from the Andes

Woven cotton and hemp

Size Guide

Product information

Clean It Up: Wipe gently after wear. Use mild soap and water for deeper cleaning.

Store Smart: Keep in a cool, dry place.

Handle with Care: Avoid harsh chemicals and rough activities.

Gemstone Love: Keep away from heat and sudden changes in temperature.

Shine Time: Our silver pieces are real 925 sterling silver. For brass, a splash of Coca-Cola can work wonders.

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