Gong Earrings

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This earring, inspired by the gong—a significant symbol in Buddhist culture used for meditation and prayer—is a reminder of the teachings and philosophy behind Buddhism. The three gemstones; larimar, labradorite, and malachite, are carefully chosen for their spiritual properties, representing harmony, transformation, and protection.

  • Labradorite shimmers with magic, unlocking intuition and connecting to higher realms.
  • Larimar brings serenity and tranquility, soothing the soul and promoting inner harmony. It fosters communication and connects with the healing power of water.
  • Malachite transforms and captivates, revitalizing your spirit and igniting intuition. Embrace change, transcend limitations, and experience personal growth.

~ Brass
~ Lightweight
~ Unique design

Brass with larimar, malachite, and labradorite gemstones

Product information

Clean It Up: Wipe gently after wear. Use mild soap and water for deeper cleaning.

Store Smart: Keep in a cool, dry place.

Handle with Care: Avoid harsh chemicals and rough activities.

Gemstone Love: Keep away from heat and sudden changes in temperature.

Shine Time: Our silver pieces are real 925 sterling silver. For brass, a splash of Coca-Cola can work wonders.

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