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role’n’ rule

By kamala | 2020-07-16

Wandering around, is something common, what we do. Tirelessly searching for a land, a soulmate, a great new adventure that awaits on the corner. Like water in the burning desert, our heart is thirsty for the unknown, harken for a meaning, in the lost translation. Although…what are we actually looking for ?!

Modern life’s expectations are… confusing. You can be whomever you want, a modern woman is free. Free to choose, free to talk, free to work. But is she really allowed to re-discover her natural character? Not the one given, the one of her own.

Once, women were all about helping to find the accessories, and treasures that could be useful for the community, or transferred to be. Collecting the goods, is in our genes. The subject of the search has changed a little bit, but I believe, the “role” remained the same.

What we are looking for, is simply that. To be released from the pressure, of the fear that you are not strong, the doubt of your intelligence, the affect of the materialistic world on your intuitions. Conduct this role in your own way, and be who you wish to be. If it’s to be a mother, don’t think you are not a successful woman, it is actually to be a teacher of the leaders of the future. If it’s to be a business women, change the picture of neediness. Show how gentle a trade can be. If it’s to be a painter, hold your head high, and be proud about how gentle you feel, and never be ashamed of what you think! Any path you choose, remember your origins, and put your fertile dynamism in it. The Great Spirit never make a move thoughtless.

This time in life’s circle, you and I, we are gifted by more feminine energies, with a female body, and a duty that is to be respected. Beauty of women can shine through the dark, and transmit endearment into all.

Do not be afraid of that role, because that is what makes you be part of the whole, part of the act.


Written by Kinga Karácsonyi